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Machine Calenders

While we attempt to maintain accuracy, we strongly suggest you contact Acme to determine if the item(s) you see are still available for sale. We will try to update monthly, but if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us. We may already have what you need, or we can do a global search and find it for you.

A098248 1520 mm (59)Embossing Calender with shaftless unwinder for paper reels 150 cm; Horton brakes; Paper web guide; Steel-steel embossing rolls with 3 spare embossing groups; Shear Tidland circular knives for trimming; Shaftless winder for 150 cm reels; DC Reliance drive. Machine reinstalled and completely rebuilt in 2005.
A098112 Used 2200 - 2400 mm trim soft calender with 150 kg/cml max. nip, 250 meter per minute machine speed, 250 deg. C max. 510 mm drive roll and 420 Eco nip roll. 31kW drive with 10 kW Eco drive. Oil boiler with temperature control. Hydraulics and spares.
A097942 Used 95" trim 4 roll Sulzer Escher Wyss Nipco Calender, less frames and drives. Orriginally installed as a calender stack and then changed to a breaker stack. Included are the rolls, controls and cabinets, hydraulic unit and heating unit. Queen roll is 25.98" diameter x 110" shell length, 140" bearing centers. (2) Nipco rolls are 17.72" diameter x 121" shell length, 2.76" thick, 95.98" nip length with 28 pistons spaced on 4.59" centers. Intermediate roll 16" diameter x 110" shell face.
A098231 Two-roll Manchester calender, 22" x 98" top roll, 15" x 98" kusters controlled crown bottom roll. Top roll is covered. Includes two spare top rolls. Swimming roll hardness is Rockwell-c 56, by indent test.
A097804 Used 2600 mm (102") working width, Allimand, 2 nip soft callender with 3300mm center to center of bearings. Calender capable of up to 6 rolls. 380 mm Kuster roll, others are 580 and 450 mm. Includes doctors, control panel, hydraulics, frames and a spare Kuster roll.

A098232 Kusters Vario calender 1000 pli, 118" face width, 30" diameter top roll, 17.7" diameter Vario bottom roll. Designed for 1500 fpm, 80 g/m2 sheet. Includes complete set of spare rolls. Includes lubrication and hydraulic skids, heating / cooling skid, and complete Kusters control system and computer. Includes Allen Bradley dc drive.,
Used Black Clawson two (2) roll calendar stack.  Equipped with a 22" (559 mm) diameter x 174" (4420 mm) face bottom heated Kusters roll and a 20" (508 mm) diameter x 174" (4420mm) face top steel roll.  Bottom heated rolls and top steel rolls have approximate 205" (5207 mm) bearing centers. Frames were built in the 70's, rolls in  the 1990's,   3000 FPM, fine paper was previously produced on this calender  but can be used for any type of paper.
H094435 One (1) Used 7800 MM (307") Kusters Roll Manufacturer:  Eduard Kusters Year of Manuf: 1967 Dia:  803 MM Face Width:  7800 MM  c/c bearings 8800 MM Model: Bottom Roll for Breaker Stack Linear Pressure 16-45 KP/CM hardness 520 Brinell Weight: 32000 KG; Chilled Casting
H092649 Used Kusters 6 roll calender stack, 8720 mm face (343").  King, queen and 4 intermediate rolls.  All rolls are chilled cast iron.  Maximum nip pressure bottom nip 120 kn/meter.  Belt type threading system.
A097072 Used 130" (3.3M) web width, 3 roll, Escher Wyss gloss calender.  Gloss/center roll 1100mm diameter x 3560 mm face. Hard pressing roll 436mm dia.  X 3450 mm face. Soft pressing roll 436 mm diameter x 3450 mm. Two spreader rolls 150 and 156 mm diameter. Gloss/center roll with electirc heating to 250 degrees C. 50 - 90 N/mm linear pressure.

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